Capricorn Horoscope Jan to Jun 2022

The year 2022 will begin in “Capricorn season,” and the year will switch from 2021 to 2022 just as the Sun is staying in Capricorn. During this time, you will also experience a Solar Return, when the Sun returns to the place where you were born for the first time in a year. As the year changes, so does your rebirth. This is a period of time when your presence becomes more powerful and you, in some way, kind of become the center of the world. People, information, and work will come to you naturally, and this will lead to immense growth.

Capricorn season is always a good time for Capricorns to start the New Year. However, the year 2022 is special in particular. This is because at the end of 2021, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is making a big move into Pisces. This means that the shape of people’s fortune will change dramatically for about a year.

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