Neptune connects your dreams and unconscious with reality over 13 years, Aquarius. (2012 – 2025)

Neptune is the planet of spirituality and the unconscious, and it can be said to have the job of blurring the boundaries of things we once thought to be simple. It may break down the barriers between people, or break down the distinctions between people and nature so that their similarities become more obvious. As a result, we can feel the joy and pain of others as if it were our own, and from a larger perspective, we can feel the destruction of nature and the hurt of animals as our own pain.

Neptune will stay in Pisces from 2012 to 2025. This is a long stay, 13 years in total, but it will slowly and radically bring about a transformation in your unconscious world.

Pisces, where Neptune is currently residing, is a place that Neptune can call “home”. When a star is in its “home” sign, its influence is stronger than usual. In a sense, it’s like “coming home” and influencing people with more power than usual. Now that Neptune is in Pisces, people’s unconscious will be more strongly transformed.

What will happen as a result?

As an Aquarius, your unconscious will develop a new relationship with your concept of reality. You will change the way you connect with the world without even realizing it.

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