Aries of Fire

According to the Chinese zodiac, you are “Fire.”

In Western Astrology, you are an Aries.

You have a unique ability to steer people in the right direction. Whether at work in your social life, one word from you can change the course of someone’s actions or attitude. For example, in a workplace dilemma, you can point out the problem that everyone else is missing. Or, if a group of friends is fighting, you have the perfect words to calm everyone down and help them get along. You make suggestions in such a smooth and natural way that no matter how exasperated the person or situation is, your presence changes the emotions of the environment. It’s as if there’s a little light in you that shines for the benefit of the world.

If you’ve studied astrology, you know that Western astrology classifies you as an Aries (or, to be more precise, your sun sign is Aries). The characteristics of Aries are power, ambition, determination, and strength. The Four Pillars of Destiny in Chinese astrology indicate that your sign is the Chinese character for “Fire,” also known as the Chinese character “丁.” Fire is not a powerful light in the same way the sun illuminates the whole world. Instead, fire alludes to something smaller and more intimate. It has a role in warming people in the cold, gathering people together, or serving as a signpost pointing out the path you should take.

While Western astrology and the Four Pillars of Destiny are two different types of divination, they are alike in one way. The laws of the Eastern and Western worlds each determine the fate residing at the moment of your birth. Thus, you can interpret your destiny from both standpoints. Viewing these two interpretations side by side gives a more comprehensive view, showing how they complement each other to provide a three-dimensional understanding of astrology.

Your Aries characteristics combined with your essence as a Fire sign describe you as “Aries of Fire.” Imagine a bonfire on the shore of a quiet night. The only sounds are the echoes of the sea mingling with the crackling fire. Then, you notice a scene of a herd of rams swiftly floating up from the flames. They appear to come from the horizon, their image against the darkness of the night. They move with no hesitation and possess a sense of power. This image reveals that your destiny is full of strength and mystery.

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