Gemini on the Shore

According to the Chinese zodiac, you are the “Ocean.”

In Western astrology, you are a Gemini.

Have you ever had the thought that you could find what you are looking for somewhere beyond the horizon?

Although you can’t imagine what is out there, and you wouldn’t know where to go, you spend your days with the vague idea that there is something for you far from where you are. Perhaps it is someone you should meet, something you should do, or something you would like to receive.

Some of you set sail in search of that something, but most of you seem to just wander off as if lured by some mysterious force, without sufficient preparation or equipment. You may not really know where you are going or what you are doing.

Since you don’t know your purpose, the journey will not be easy. Many difficulties and hardships that will come your way. However, you may not be deterred by these troubles.

Your destiny shows the image of a traveler who is always in search of something. You move forward with a smile, no matter what the world and people around you think.

If you’ve been doing astrology for a while, then you already know that in Western astrology, you are classified as a Gemini (or, to be more precise, your Sun sign is Gemini). Geminis are very social and have excellent communication skills. They also have a curious mind that jumps from thought to thought, sometimes even moving a bit too fast.

On the other hand, in the Oriental divination system (the Four Pillars of Destiny) you are represented by the Chinese character for “sea” (or more accurately, the Chinese character for “壬”). This is a quality that allows you to be as flexible as the waters of the ocean and adapt to any structure or environment. It also means that you are good at dealing with people and information, and are sensitive to trends.

Western astrology and the Four Pillars of Destiny are two separate divination systems. However, they are the same in that they both use your birthday to determine your destiny. The laws of the two worlds, East and West, each determine the fate that presides at the moment of your birth.

In other words, you, a human being with a complex destiny, are interpreted from the standpoint of both the East and the West. This does not mean that one of these interpretations is correct and the other incorrect. Rather, this means that both should be interpreted in a three-dimensional, complementary way.

Here we will analyze your Gemini characteristics and your nature as an ocean. When interpreted together, your destiny can be represented by the image of “Gemini on the Shore”.

Imagine the scene of twins happily playing on the beach with a view of the horizon as far as the eye can see. The contrast between the majestic and tranquil scene and the busy twins seems to loom over us with a mysterious beauty.

The fate of the Gemini on the Shore is captured in this image.

You are the type of person who enjoys spending time with various people. You like to follow new trends and go out to various places with your never-ending curiosity. However, there are inevitably times when the questions arises from deep within, and you may begin to ask yourself,  “What do I really want?”

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