Leo of the Forest

According to the Chinese zodiac, you are a “Tree.”

In Western astrology, you are a Leo.

You are the type of person who has tremendous strength. Your level head and ability to take on the world around you will allow you to go far in life. However, these qualities may also come off as intimidating, so be mindful of how you use them.

Some keywords that describe you are: determined, straightforward, strong-willed, hard-working, courageous, and confident.

If you’ve studied astrology, you know that Western astrology classifies you as a Leo (or, to be more precise, your Sun sign is Leo). Leo is characterized by an imposing figure, power, energy, and straightforwardness. In Chinese astrology, the Four Pillars of Destiny indicate that your sign is the Chinese character for “Tree,” also known as the Chinese character  “甲.” This sign represents the willpower to grow towards your goals. Your fate is to continue progressing forward without looking aside.

While Western astrology and the Four Pillars of Destiny are two different types of divination, they are alike in one way. The laws of the Eastern and Western worlds each determine the fate residing at the moment of your birth. Thus, you can interpret your destiny from both standpoints. Viewing these two interpretations side by side gives a more comprehensive view, showing how they complement each other to provide a three-dimensional understanding of astrology.

When your characteristics as a Leo and your nature as a Tree are interpreted together, you can be described as a “Leo of the Forest.” Imagine yourself, a majestic lion running through the towering trees that stretch as if to reach the heavens. This lion is strong and beautiful and gives a clear sense of its mission to move forward while involving everything around it. No one questions why the lion is dubbed “the king of the jungle.” Lions are known for their swift movement, power, and control of their territory. The moment you were born into this world, you possessed an energy that makes you a Leo of the Forest – someone who can easily manage the people around you while pushing things forward.

Your destiny is to be in a position of leadership. As you spend time around others, they’ll quickly point out that you naturally carry the character traits of a strong leader. As a Leo of the Forest, you also possess great confidence. If you fail to handle your confidence with care, others will interpret it as imposing or pretentious. You’re straightforward yet charismatic and have a way of speaking that energizes people. Many people are devoted to you, and you may find yourself spending time with them without questioning their devotion.

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