Virgo of Sunshine

According to the Chinese zodiac, you are the “Sun.”

In Western astrology, you are a Virgo.

You are a person with strong convictions. You’re very talented and utilize your skills to leave your mark on the world. People gaze at you with admiration as you live out your destiny.

You may think, “but I’m not the type of person who stands out.” While it’s true that you generally function best behind the scenes and not directly in the spotlight, it’s also true that people gravitate to you and are curious to find out more. In many ways, your life reflects the profession of voice acting. Voice actors and actresses don’t perform on a big stage themselves but are the heart and soul behind animated characters – the very reason the characters come to life. Today’s society admires voice actors, praising them for their unique talent.

This concept is analogous to your life. You may not work in the spotlight, yet your presence radiates like the sun. You’re comfortable behind the scenes and feel you function best in this position. Follow the call of your destiny to discover the hidden and glamorous aspects of life.

If you’ve studied astrology, you know that Western astrology classifies you as a Virgo (or, to be more precise, your Sun sign is Virgo). The characteristics of a Virgo are meticulous, organized, intelligent, and hardworking. The Four Pillars of Destiny in Chinese astrology indicate that your sign is the Chinese character for “Sun,” also known as the Chinese character “丙.” This sign represents prominence, a fierce personality, and a passion. It reveals that people with this sign have great energy and the power to bring people together, just like the sun.

While Western astrology and the Four Pillars of Destiny are two different types of divination, they are alike in one way. The laws of the Eastern and Western worlds each determine the fate residing at the moment of your birth. Thus, you can interpret your destiny from both standpoints. Viewing these two interpretations side by side gives a more comprehensive view, showing how they complement each other to provide a three-dimensional understanding of astrology.

Your Virgo characteristics combined with your nature as a Sun describe you as a “Virgo of Sunshine.” Imagine a girl slowly walking towards you. The glorious sunlight illuminates her as she moves gracefully along the path. Her expression is gentle and kind, and she smiles softly. Yet, at the same time, her countenance makes it clear that she’s on a mission. As she approaches, her presence is gentle and sublime.

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