Scorpion in Ivy

According to the Chinese zodiac, you are “Grass.”

In Western astrology, you are a Scorpio.

When other people see you, they say you carry a mysterious charm. You think deeply about all of life and find greater meaning in the simplest moments. Many people observe you from a distance, and eventually, are drawn to your mystical way of living. However, there are moments when you realize that you’ve allowed your mind to wander too far and end up feeling lost.

To you, the world is a grand mystery. As you go about your daily life, you find yourself wondering about the truth of the universe. You genuinely agonize over the world’s complexity and, rightfully so, since the world is a strange place.

If you’ve studied astrology, you know that Western astrology classifies you as a Scorpio (or, to be more precise, your Sun sign is Scorpio). The characteristics of a Scorpio are persistence, intuition, and a sense of intrigue about people and the world. The Four Pillars of Destiny in Chinese astrology indicate that your sign is the Chinese character “Grass,” also known as the Chinese character “乙.” This sign reveals that you do not approach things head-on but instead from your surroundings. You may not have the power or aggression to charge through the obstacles of life, but you do have the tenacity to reach your goals slowly and steadily.

While Western astrology and the Four Pillars of Destiny are two different types of divination, they are alike in one way. The laws of the Eastern and Western worlds each determine the fate residing at the moment of your birth. Thus, you can interpret your destiny from both standpoints. Viewing these two interpretations side by side gives a more comprehensive view, showing how they complement each other to provide a three-dimensional understanding of astrology.

Your Scorpio traits combined with your essence as Grass describe you as a “Scorpion in Ivy.” Imagine a vast forest with tall grass. In the woods, ivy grows up a tall tree, and tangled in the ivy rests a scorpion. While the creature exists in this one habitat, its eyes seem to capture the fullness of the world. The scorpion has the power to take the life of any animal with a single stab. Yet, here it lies, tangled in ivy.

This image reveals your destiny as the Scorpion in Ivy. Like a scorpion waits for the right moment to strike, so too is your patience the force that propels you forward in life. Your refusal to give up and fierce tenacity are unparalleled. Because of this intensity, you are often viewed as unique and find yourself in a different category than your peers.

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