Mountain Archer

According to the Chinese zodiac, you are a “Mountain.”

In Western astrology, you are a Sagittarius.

You have a strange sense of security that causes many people to discuss personal matters and deep secrets when they are with you. Friends, colleagues, and subordinates may come to you constantly seeking suggestions and advice, and listening to them is likely to be stimulating for you.

You are a very generous and warm person, but you are also aggressive and active. In your work life, you take the initiative to take on new projects, and in your personal life, you enjoy making various plans with your friends.

You seem to be a combination of a calm adult and a young child running around with excitement.

However, when someone complains about you, you naturally reject that person. You find yourself to be a very fair person.

If you’ve done any astrology in the past, then you already know that you are classified as a Sagittarius in Western astrology (to be precise, your sun sign is Sagittarius). Sagittarius is characterized by a rash and fierce drive. They have the strength to charge straight towards their goal.

On the other hand, in the Oriental divination system (the Four Pillars of Destiny) you are represented by the Chinese character for “mountain” (more accurately, “戊”). This means that you are like a mountain, standing firm and not easily moved. It is a destiny that allows you to see the big picture, and gives you the ability to handle both the good and the bad.

Western astrology and the Four Pillars of Destiny are two different types of divination. However, they are the same in that they both determine your destiny based on your birthday. The laws of the two worlds, East and West, each determine the destiny that presides at the moment of your birth.

In other words, you, a human being with a complex destiny, are interpreted from the standpoint of both the East and the West. This does not mean that one of these interpretations is correct and the other incorrect. Rather, this means that both should be interpreted in a three-dimensional, complementary way.

Here we will analyze your Sagittarius characteristics and your nature as a mountain. When interpreted together, you can be described as a “Mountain Archer”.

So what exactly is a Mountain Archer?

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