Archer’s Jewel

According to the Chinese zodiac, you are a “Jewel.”

In Western astrology, you are a Sagittarius.

You have a mysterious beauty about you.  It’s not just your face or your style, but rather the atmosphere about you.

Even when you are buried in a group, you radiate something unique.

You are smart and have a good sense of style, but there is something about your values that are different from the norm.  Your elusive nature also makes you attractive, and you are popular with both the opposite and the same sex.

You are unique and elusive.  You may even be seen as fickle by those around you, but it seems that you are simply acting on your feelings at any given moment. You are also a bit hyperactive, and you’re interested in and committed to many different fields and types of people. You can fit in naturally with any organization or group, but you are still a bit different and will gradually develop a unique presence there.

You may cause trouble among people of the same sex. You may be interested in a variety of spiritual things and this may confuse those around you.

If you have done any astrology in the past, then you already know that you are classified as a Sagittarius in Western astrology (or to be more precise, your sun sign is Sagittarius). Sagittarius is characterized by a rash and fierce drive. They have the strength to charge straight towards their goal.

On the other hand, in the Oriental divination system (the Four Pillars of Destiny) you are represented by the Chinese character for “Jewel” (or more accurately, by the Chinese character for “辛”). This represents your radiant beauty like a jewel, and your perfectionism in not allowing even a single speck of dirt to stain you.

Western astrology and the Four Pillars of Destiny are two separate forms of divination. However, they are the same in that they both use your birthday to determine your destiny. The laws of the two worlds, East and West, each determine the fate that presides at the moment of your birth.

In other words, you, a human being with a complex destiny, are interpreted from the standpoint of both the East and the West. This does not mean that one of these interpretations is correct and the other incorrect. Rather, this means that both should be interpreted in a three-dimensional, complementary way.

Here we will analyze your Sagittarius characteristics and your essence as a jewel. When interpreted together, you can be described as the “Archer’s Jewel”.

The word “jewel” conjures up images of a variety of majestic sights such as an endless horizon, a treasure chest, or a world heritage site.

You have a very strong desire to experience all the mysteries and wonders of this world.

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