Pisces of the Land

According to the Chinese zodiac, you are the “Earth.”

In Western astrology, you are a Pisces.

Even when you just have a short conversation with someone, do you often find that you are somehow able to understand even their deepest emotions? You are especially able to feel the pain, struggles and worries of others very keenly. As a natural ability of yours, you may be able to empathize with the emotions of others. In a way, you may have a slight psychic quality. Or perhaps you are just very attentive and empathetic.

You seem to be able to sense the slightest change in a person’s facial expression or tone of voice, things that others would not normally be aware of.

Your ability to sense information that cannot be perceived normally is like a superpower to the average person.  You have the ability to directly see someone’s emotions and feelings. For better or worse you simply “get it” when it comes to others

You have a mysterious ability.  For example, just by looking at the timeline of a social networking site, you can detect a slight change in people’s attitudes. Or just by walking around a city, you can tell what direction the economy will go in the near future.

In short, you have good intuition, which means that you can sense the slightest change in the atmosphere. This ability seems to be what makes you stand out from other people.

You may be interested in difficult, abstract concepts, spiritualism, and mystical topics. Many people of this type may decorate their rooms with feng shui items.  Many may also practice incense, aromatherapy, and bodywork such as yoga.  It is very common for your type of person to be very sensitive to the connection between mind and body. You may believe that the world is all interconnected.

If you have done any astrology in the past, then you probably already know that you are classified as a Pisces in Western astrology (to be precise, your Sun sign is Pisces). Pisces are known to be healers, people pleasers, devoted and responsible. They are very kind, but they are also often hurt because of it.

On the other hand, in the Oriental divination system (the Four Pillars of Destiny) you are represented by the Chinese character for “earth” (or more accurately, by the Chinese character for “己”). Picture a vast field as far as the eye can see, a mild climate and farmers diligently working there to cultivate the fertile land.  This idyllic image represents your mission to create and nurture.

Western astrology and the Four Pillars of Destiny are two different types of divination. However, they are the same in that they both use your birthday to determine your destiny. The laws of the two worlds, East and West, each determine the fate that presides at the moment of your birth.

In other words, you, a human being with a complex destiny, are interpreted from the standpoint of both the East and the West. This does not mean that one of these interpretations is correct and the other incorrect. Rather, this means that both should be interpreted in a three-dimensional, complementary way.

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