Jupiter Brings You, Cancer, a Story of Good Fortune and Expansion Until May 10

Jupiter will be in Pisces for one year, from May 13, 2021 to May 10, 2022. However, during this period, Jupiter will go retrograde and temporarily return to Aquarius. As a result, the flow of good fortune and expansion that will come to you as a Cancer will be divided into five periods as follows.

(1) May 13, 2021 – June 20: Jupiter’s stay in Pisces, “A premonition that a new world will invite you in”.
(2) June 20 – July 28: Jupiter goes retrograde, “Assess the unknown world”.
(3) July 28-October 18: Period during which Jupiter turns retrograde and returns to Aquarius, “Diving deep within yourself”.
(4) October 18 – December 28: Jupiter completes its retrograde and moves back into Aquarius, “Finish “something” properly”.
(5) December 28 – May 10, 2022: Jupiter will be in Pisces again, “Creating value by working with the new world”.

The following is a step-by-step explanation of each.

(1) May 13 – June 20: A premonition that a new world will invite you in.

For a short period of time, less than a month from May 14, a “new world” will be expanding its presence in your life. “It could be described as a “distant world. To put it simply, places and people that have seemed distant and unattainable until now will be coming closer and closer to you.

Jupiter’s expansive power will strengthen your connection to the distant and higher worlds beyond your everyday life. The “higher” world is the one that is beyond your daily life and work. For example, service beyond economics, philosophy and spiritualism beyond science, etc. It is a noble world beyond the mundane. And by “distant” places, I mean foreign countries that are far away from us, or places and people we have never had contact with before, or hobbies we have never been interested in. It can be physical or psychological, but the expression “feeling of distance” is a good fit.

Your destiny is to fly far and high in the future. For example, you may be able to make a connection with someone you thought was out of your reach, or you may be able to find a job that you thought was impossible. The power of Jupiter is causing previously distant entities to expand and grow in your life.

However, what is to come in the next month or so will only be a sign of what is to come. This is because Jupiter will begin to go retrograde before the flow of expansion grows. You will have a brief encounter with this “new world” or “distant world” from May 14, which will come into full swing at the end of 2021.

(2) June 20 – July 28: Assess the unknown world.

You may find that you already have a lot of things you don’t need before the currents you were born with in ① become stronger. You need to prepare yourself properly for a journey to a distant world, and what you take with you in your limited luggage is important. It could be a relationship you’ve been coasting on, a useless routine you’ve accumulated over a long period of time, a task you’ve been doing for years that you know doesn’t make sense, or even your current job that you’ve realized doesn’t have a single gem buried in it anymore.

During the first month and a half of Jupiter’s retrograde, starting June 11, you will experience the shedding of relationships, jobs, and routines in order to find what you need to focus on for your new journey. You may have to let go of jobs, skills, and abilities that have become your identity. You may have to say goodbye to a close relationship or a place you have spent many years. And they tend to be painful. It takes a lot of energy to say goodbye to things that have become a part of you through your daily life.

During this period, it is important to imagine yourself sharpening your mind about where you want to go and what you want to be in the future. It’s not about the sadness of loss, but about the joy of narrowing down what you need to do. Also, the effects of Jupiter retrograde are generally not felt very directly, so don’t worry too much about losing.

(3) July 28 – October 18: Diving deep within yourself.

This is where retrograde Jupiter returns to its previous sign, Aquarius. You may have strange thoughts in your mind, such as “I need to meet myself anew,” before you set off on the distant journey I mentioned in (1).

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