Jupiter Brings You, Virgo, a Story of Good Fortune and Expansion Until May 10

Jupiter will be in Pisces for one year, from May 13, 2021 to May 10, 2022. However, during this period, Jupiter will go retrograde and temporarily return to Aquarius. As a result, the flow of good fortune and expansion that will come to you as a Virgo will be divided into five periods as follows.

(1) May 13, 2021 – June 20: Jupiter’s stay in Pisces, ” Full of signs of encounters”.
(2) June 20 – July 28: Jupiter goes retrograde, “Exploring the possibility of encounters through retrogrades”.
(3) July 28-October 18: Period during which Jupiter turns retrograde and returns to Aquarius, “Encountering unfinished business”.
(4) October 18 – December 28: Jupiter completes its retrograde and moves back into Aquarius, “Arriving at your normal routine”.
(5) December 28 – May 10, 2022: Jupiter will be in Pisces again, “Important encounters will be found”.

The following is a step-by-step explanation of each.

(1)May 13 – June 20, 2021: Full of signs of encounters.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and its role is to expand things all at once. Jupiter is often called the planet of happiness because it leads people to happiness by expanding things, money, and emotions. There are magazine fortune-telling projects such as “the most fortunate zodiac sign of the year,” and Jupiter is the one that is most important in divining the level of fortune for the year.

And as it turns out, for Virgo, the year ahead will be one of expanding encounters with important people. There is even a hint that you will meet someone important in your life over the next year, someone you can call your “soulmate. This is not limited to lovers and spouses, but could also be a meeting with a business partner or a life mentor. Or it could be an encounter with someone you have a love/hate relationship with. Either way, this is a time when you could meet someone who will play an important role in your life for the next ten years or so.

In the end, it is encounters that make life happen. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t meet the right people, you will be buried. No matter how much love you have, if you don’t have someone to pour it into, you will never find love. If you stay indoors because you are afraid of getting hurt, your destiny will not progress. However, dating is not always a happy thing. While there are times when you meet people you like, there are also many times when you meet people you don’t like. And when you look back on your life, you will realize that your encounters with people you don’t like played just as important a role in shaping the person you are today as the people you do like. Harsh remarks can make you a stronger person, and frustration can inspire you to work harder. Or, by running away from someone you don’t like, you may find a new path. Encounters are magical and one of the most important elements of fate.

As I said, you will have an important encounter in 2021 starting May 13. However, the past month or so has been a preview of what is to come. However, the next month or so will be a sign of things to come, as Jupiter will begin to go retrograde before this trend gains much momentum. Your encounter with your significant other will come in earnest at the end of 2021.

(2) June 20 – July 28: Exploring the possibility of encounters through retrogrades.

Before the currents born in (i) become stronger, you may find that you already have a lot of things you don’t need. You need to prepare yourself properly to embark on a journey to meet new people, and it is important to know what to take with you in your limited luggage. In other words, you are likely to have to sort out the relationships that surround you now.

During the first month and a half of Jupiter’s retrograde from June 11, you’ll be cutting down on the relationships you’ve developed in order to meet new people. This is more of a “becoming” rather than a decision on your part. For example, you may have to say goodbye to a close relationship, or you may have to move out on your own due to a family transfer. For example, a close relationship may break up. These goodbyes can be painful. It takes a lot of energy to break up with people who have become a part of you. The absurd experience of breaking up with someone you don’t want to break up with can be bewildering to some people.

If you experience the mysterious disappearance of your loved ones from your life, you need to make an effort to find the inevitable. “It often makes sense from a fatalistic point of view that “it just happens. And if such an experience comes your way, it is important to imagine yourself becoming sharper and sharper, always aware of what you want to do, where you want to go, and what you want to be. It’s not about the sadness of loss, but about finding the joy of becoming lighter.

(3) July 28-October 18: Encountering unfinished business.

Jupiter, which is retrograde here, returns to its previous sign, Aquarius. The retrograde Jupiter returns to Aquarius, the previous sign of the zodiac, and you may have a strange feeling in your heart that the daily life you were supposed to have was somewhere else. The retrograde is also a period when a person encounters unfinished business. As a Virgo, you should have been guided to update your daily routine in the first half of 2021. The first half of 2021 will be a time when you will be guided to update your daily life, to grow in your current work, and to enhance your daily life.

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