Jupiter Brings You, Scorpio, a Story of Good Fortune and Expansion Until May 10

Jupiter will be in Pisces for one year, from May 13, 2021 to May 10, 2022. However, during this period, Jupiter will go retrograde and temporarily return to Aquarius. As a result, the flow of good fortune and expansion that will come to you as a Scorpio will be divided into five periods as follows.

(1) May 13, 2021 – June 20: Jupiter’s stay in Pisces, “Good fortune enveloped by expansion, a period of foreboding”.
(2) June 20 – July 28: Jupiter goes retrograde, “Cut down on unnecessary things and fates”.
(3) July 28-October 18: Period during which Jupiter turns retrograde and returns to Aquarius, “Reconnecting with where you belong”.
(4) October 18 – December 28: Jupiter completes its retrograde and moves back into Aquarius, “Foundation of your new daily life, will be in full swing”.
(5) December 28 – May 10, 2022: Jupiter will be in Pisces again, “Into a strong lucky period where fun expands and envelops you”.

The following is a step-by-step explanation of each.

(1) May 13 – June 20, 2021: Good fortune enveloped by expansion, a period of foreboding.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and its role is to expand things all at once. Jupiter is often called the planet of happiness because it leads people to happiness by expanding things, money, and positive emotions. In the fortune-telling magazines, there are projects such as “this year’s most fortunate zodiac sign,” and it can be said that Jupiter is the one that is most important in divining the degree of good fortune over the span of a year.

In such a short period of time, less than a month from May 14, Jupiter will expand your “fun” at a rapid pace. In other words, it’s your lucky day! In other words, it’s your lucky period! “The expansion of fun is a happy and optimistic image, and of course it’s not wrong, but let me explain it in more detail. The expansion of “fun” can also be called the expansion of “creativity”. This is because “fun” here does not mean just having fun without doing anything. In fact, even if you could get all kinds of things without any effort, there would be no joy in it at all.

“Enjoyment comes from working with the world and finding value in it. It is important to work and to give. The world around us is full of possibilities. Nature, society, and people all have completely different personalities and possibilities. “Working with the world is an act of extracting value from nature, things, information, and places, including others, through your approach to them.

For example, craftspeople create beautiful works of art by working with natural materials. Entrepreneurs and business people create money by working with the market. Musicians create beautiful music by working with the countless sounds that exist in the world. Lovers work on the hearts of their partners to create a variety of emotions between them. Married couples work on each other to create children.

Thus, a period of time is about to begin in which you will find great joy in the world by working and giving to the world, whether in love or work. However, this past month or so seems to be a sign of things to come. But the next month or so will be like a preview of what’s to come, because Jupiter will start to go retrograde before the flow gets big. You will experience a little bit of the expansion of fun that will come in earnest at the end of 2021, starting on May 13.

(2) June 20- July 28: Cut down on unnecessary things and fates

You may find that you already have a lot of things you don’t need before the currents you were born with in ① become stronger. To go on a journey, you must prepare yourself properly, and it is important to know what to take with you in your limited luggage. It may be a relationship that you don’t need anymore. It may be a relationship that you don’t need anymore, or a job that you shouldn’t devote yourself to anymore. You may find that the skills, connections, and words you have acquired are not applicable in this day and age.

During the first month and a half of Jupiter’s retrograde from June 21, you will experience the need to chip away at the relationships, jobs, and loves you have acquired in order to find something new to devote yourself to, something to focus on. You may have to let go of abilities and skills that have become your identity. You may have to say goodbye to relationships that were once close. And they tend to be painful. It takes a lot of energy to part with something that has already become a part of you. During this period, it is important to imagine that you are sharpening what you want to value, where you want to go, and where and with whom you want to be. It’s not about the sadness of loss, but about finding the joy of narrowing down what you need. Also, the effects of Jupiter retrograde are generally not felt very directly, so don’t be overly concerned about losing.

(3)July 28 – October 18: Reconnecting with where you belong.

Here, retrograde Jupiter returns to its previous sign, Aquarius. You may have a strange feeling in your heart that there was somewhere else where you “belonged”. Retrogrades are also a time for people to encounter their unfinished business.

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