Venus brings love and exciting stories to Capricorn ( Nov. 5, 2021 – Mar. 6, 2022)

At this time, Venus will stay in Capricorn from November 5, 2021 to March 6, 2022. With a retrograde period in between, Venus will be in Capricorn for about four times as long as usual! Here is the path that your communication will take as a Capricorn, divided into the following three periods.

(1) November 5 – December 19: Venus’ stay in Capricorn: “New romances, interpersonal connections, and excitement even in business will be born.”
(2) December 19 – January 29: Venus will be retrograde: “Your destiny will be reformed and restored to order.”
(3) January 29 – March 6: Venus turns retrograde again after completing its retrograde phase: “Through the retrograde, the new and improved romances, interpersonal connections, and excitement of (1) will take firm shape.”

From now on, we will tell you your fortune for each of the three periods in turn

(1) Nov. 5 – Dec. 19: Venus’ stay in Capricorn: “New romances, interpersonal connections, and excitement even in business will be born.”

As you can see, Venus will stay in Capricorn, your sign of the zodiac! It’s a long, long stay of four months, so it brings the prospect of a major renewal of your love life, your sense of “affection” and joy, and any excitement and fulfillment surrounding work.

Generally speaking, the period of time in which a planet stays in a person’s zodiac sign is a period of time when the power of that planet is poured out into them very strongly. As such, for Capricorns, these four months will be a time when the power of Venus will start to shine through in your day-to-day life. It would not be wrong to simply call this a “period of popularity,” but we will try to express it in a different way too. During this period, the world you touch, the people you interact with, and the information you come into contact with will all come to life. You will feel a sense of excitement and beauty along with a sense that something is about to happen.

As a Capricorn, you have the strength to steadily move your destiny forward. The planet Venus also has a role to play in beautifully renewing your daily life. The intersection of these two destinies brings to mind such a glorious reflection of your “affection” and love spreading to the world.

Venus is called the planet of love. This is true, but if you also interpret it from a different angle, it can also be said to be the planet that brings “freshness” to the everyday life that we have become so accustomed to. And remember: the opposite of “love” is not “dislike” but “indifference”. The reason Venus is called the star of romance is because it changes “indifference” into “love” by bringing a new sparkle to any ruts born out of daily life.

Of course, there is no doubt that your luck in love will increase. Venus brings freshness to your relationships as well, so you may make a connection with someone you hadn’t been aware of before, or an encounter may come from an unexpected source. The world that you come into contact with will shine brighter than usual, and you will find yourself feeling a stronger sense of affection for the people and places around you. As you are drawn into this strange chain of emotions and experiences, new encounters will be born.

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