Venus brings love and exciting stories to Aquarius ( Nov. 5, 2021 – Mar. 6, 2022)

At this time, Venus will stay in Capricorn from November 5, 2021 to March 6, 2022. With a retrograde period in between, Venus will be in Capricorn for about four times as long as usual! Here is the path that your communication will take as an Aquarius, divided into the following three periods.

(1) November 5 – December 19: Venus’ stay in Capricorn: “New romances, interpersonal connections, and excitement even in business will be born.”
(2) December 19 – January 29: Venus will be retrograde: “Your destiny will be reformed and restored to order.”
(3) January 29 – March 6: Venus turns retrograde again after completing its retrograde phase: “Through the retrograde, the new and improved romances, interpersonal connections, and excitement of (1) will take firm shape.”

From now on, we will tell you your fortune for each of the three periods in turn

(1) Nov. 5 – Dec. 19: Venus’ stay in Capricorn: “New romances, interpersonal connections, and excitement even in business will be born.”

Venus will be in Capricorn for a long, long time, four months, and Venus will be inviting you, Aquarius, into a kind of “world beyond this world”. It will be a very strange and abstract period, a bit difficult to describe fully in tangible form.

It is often said that Venus governs love because it has the power to bring the world back to life. And note that the opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “indifference”. Venus makes the world you touch sparkle and shine, and this creates feelings of excitement and delight. This pure emotion, a mixture of joy and surprise, will lead to an experience of “liking” something, instead of experiencing indifference.

Venus will work to lead you to strange encounters in the coming period. These encounters may be deep and emotional, or they may be radiant and lighthearted. Or it could be a serious, profound encounter, or all of the above. There are a variety of possibilities, but what they all have in common is a sense of “wonder,” which can be described as a “change of pace encounter,” as if a ball were to fly from a different direction than you had predicted. It’s a time of unexpectedness and surprise, when you feel a new affinity to people and things you’ve never had much contact with before, or when unpredictable connections come into play.

However, new things and aforementioned “likes” are born from such unpredictable places.

During his time, Venus works to reset the flow of money and connections that keep gathering stagnantly in the same places. For example, pecking orders get established, money goes to those who have money, and popular people often attract even more people. The world is a stage where those who are in the spotlight make their position stronger and stronger. When a cycle like this reaches its peak and becomes stagnant, the world begins to dissolve its boundaries in search of a new form. This time, Venus is inviting you to do just that, and work with this energy.

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