The Sun brings “foundation” fortune to Cancer ( Jan. 19 – Feb. 18)

The Sun will stay in Aquarius from January 19, 2022 to February 18, 2022.

Over the course of a year, the Sun travels through the twelve signs of the zodiac, giving people the story of the seasons and their destiny.

And during the month of the Sun’s stay in Aquarius, starting January 20, 2022, Cancers have the deepest places of your heart highlighted. The keyword that comes to mind is “secret.” Something of great value will be birthed in a place hidden from the external world. Or perhaps, for example, a relationship is born that cannot be made public, whether it is in business or love. In a world where not much light shines, your mind can be unleashed and you can imagine creating something beautiful that can only be created in the shade.

There is a term called “depth psychology.” It is said that there is a place in the human mind that is much deeper than we are usually aware of, where people are connected to each other without boundaries between themselves and others. This is why it is said that by working with deep psychology, we can sometimes communicate with each other like a kind of telepathy. Or you may feel the pain and joy of others as your own. This is because in a deep place, all things, including ourselves, are connected to one another. For example, animal welfare and environmental protection are also supported by the realization that everything is connected to each other. Human beings and nature, ourselves and the world, are all connected. The part and the whole are inseparable, and when the part is damaged, the whole is damaged.

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