The Sun brings “foundation” fortune to Scorpio ( Jan. 19 – Feb. 18)

The Sun will be in Aquarius from January 19, 2022 to February 18, 2022, bringing the air of Aquarian energy to the world. The Sun’s luck will set things up to bring you a sense of “grounding” during this month, Scorpio. You are likely to find a place of comfort, someone you are comfortable with, or an event that makes you feel safe.

This will come up in different ways for different people. For some people, work will settle down where it should. For others, financial security will be available. For others, it may be the strengthening of relationships with dependable acquaintances and family members, or it may be the creation of a situation where they can work comfortably from home. For others, it may mean that their skills and talents will be put to good use in a social situation. For some, it could mean a deepening of the bond with their lover, and in some cases, a switch in consciousness from romance to marriage.

This time the Sun works underneath the surface to fortify such a “stronghold” for each Scorpio, depending on their situation.

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