Yearly fortune for Sun(丙)type

壬寅,” the year of the Ocean and Tiger (Feb. 3, 2022 to Feb. 3, 2023)

The essence of the Sun (丙) type person’s destiny lies in their power to attract and lead others. The Sun shines all over the world and gives birth to and nurtures living beings. You, too, are a part of society, illuminating people and creating value. No matter what the year brings, it is important to know the nature of this destiny. Basically, you should always be the center of society, illuminating its core essence. “Society” here means not only a large group of people, but also a group of two or three people. Even if a person thinks, “I’m too introverted to be the center of people,” the words, works, and systems that they create often become the center of society in sometimes indirect ways. So, it’s overall very important to think that you are the Sun.

On February 3, 2022, the first day of spring in the Eastern calendar, we enter a new year, the year of 壬寅 (the Ocean and Tiger). According to the Four Pillars of Destiny, our luck changes dramatically after this date. And if you are a Sun type, if you are able to discipline yourself well, your self-control will be appreciated and you may be called upon as a capable person often throughout the year. You are likely to receive recognition for your efforts. You may be approached by superiors such as your boss, professors, seniors, or even your parents.

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