Yearly fortune for Earth(己)type

壬寅,” the year of the Ocean and Tiger (Feb. 3, 2022 to Feb. 3, 2023)

The year of the 壬寅 (the Ocean and Tiger) will begin with the first day of spring in the Eastern calendar on February 3, 2022. This is a combination of the two elements of “壬” and “寅” For the next year, 壬寅 will give you different fortunes as an Earth (己) type.

First, let’s go over the Chinese zodiac sign of the 寅 (Tiger). The Chinese zodiac sign “寅” means the animal tiger and also represents the season of early spring. Although it is spring, the earth is still frozen with cold, so the situation around you may not be completely on your side. However, it is the season of early spring that marks a new beginning after a long winter. This is the year when all the things you’ve been working on will finally start to see the light of day. Especially if you’ve been working on something for a couple of years, you’ll have a chance to have it recognized by society.

As an Earth type, you have a mission to create something. Just as many crops are born and grow in a land of abundance, a variety of values are born from your place. It could be a product or service in your work, or it could be a deep relationship or a love affair. Of course, art and other creative activities will also be of great value to you. You are overall destined to create a variety of values and stories, and this year, the year of the Tiger, is the time to slowly start turning them around.

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