Yearly fortune for Metal(庚)type

壬寅,” the year of the Ocean and Tiger (Feb. 3, 2022 to Feb. 3, 2023)

The year of 壬寅 (the Ocean and Tiger) begins with the first day of spring in the Eastern calendar on February 3, 2022. This 壬 symbolizes a large amount of water, such as oceans and rivers. As a Metal (庚) type, you are born with a mission to create water, and this year, when the Jin comes around, can be interpreted as a period to create something. However, in order to do so, you will need energy and passion that comes from the heart. If you really want to pursue something and achieve something, the year of 壬寅 (the Ocean and Tiger) will meet your expectations. However, the road to achieving your dreams and goals will not be smooth. There may be times when you feel resentment toward fate, wondering why such absurd events are happening to you. But this is only if you are serious about what you are doing. If you are not so serious, then things will actually go on without any major trouble.

This is like friction, so to speak. When you try to move fast, there will be more friction, and when you go slow, things will go with a gentle momentum. So, this year will be a year where your fortune will change depending on your determination.

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