February Forecast : Green Virgo

This is a February fortune for those who are a Virgo in Western astrology and Tree (甲) in the Chinese zodiac.

In Western astrology, you are a Virgo, and in the Four Pillars of Destiny(Chinese zodiac), you are Tree (甲). And in SOLARITA, which is a fusion of the two, you are a Green Virgo.

In this section, we will use the above astrological methods to tell your fortune for February.

First, we will use Western astrology to read the movements of the planets in February to tell your fortune.

Next, Using the Four Pillars of Destiny, a typical Eastern divination method based on Chinese zodiac, we can determine the relationship between the Chinese zodiac sign of February, 壬寅 (the Ocean and the Tiger), and your Chinese zodiac sign Tree(甲). In other words, we will tell you your fate in February according to the Chinese zodiac.

The important thing is to read these two fortunes and interpret them in light of your own situation. Even if you feel that there is a contradiction between these two fortunes, the most important thing is to use your imagination to find the truth in the contradiction.

Virgo in February according to Western astrology

There is luck flowing into your life that will support your day-to-day life, especially your luck in work and career. This month begins with a New Moon on February 1, 2022, and your daily life will be getting better and better afterward! The New Moon is the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, and it can bring a sense of great beginnings to your daily routines. The first half of February will be a strong and beautiful mixture of these two keywords (beginnings and daily life). And after that, your fortunes will begin to follow a new path.

It may not be until February 19, 2022, when the Sun moves into Pisces, that you can really feel the new beginnings rushing in. That’s when you could be led into a single encounter. This encounter could be work-related, or it could be your destiny in the broader scheme of life. Perhaps the encounter will be stressful in the moment, but even if it is, you must believe that it will be significant in the long term. It is relationships with tension (rather than people and environments that make us feel safe) that make us grow. Encounters away from your home, or near home, an encounter with a rival you don’t like, or even encounters with people you don’t always like — you will be refined by these frictional encounters.

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