Mars pours passion into Gemini ( Mar. 6 – Apr. 14)

On March 6, 2022, Mars will move into Aquarius. Mars will spend about a month and a half in Aquarius after this until April 14, 2022!

During this period, your theme as a Gemini will be, “Jump toward your goals!” It’s that simple. You will be passionate about taking off toward high goals. For about a month and a half, Geminis should aim as far and as high as possible.

The word “high hopes” may sound negative, but there is no way you can reach those heights without first raising your eyes a little higher. This is a time when you can and should move your mind to places higher and farther than your normal self.

A “higher” place is a world that is beyond your everyday life. For example, service, which is beyond money or finance, or philosophy and spirituality, which are beyond science, are “worlds beyond this world.” It is a world that cannot be measured by money or conventional standards, a world apart from the mundane.

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