Venus revives the crushes of Scorpio ( Mar. 6 – Apr. 5)

On March 6, 2022, Venus will move into Aquarius, where it will stay for about a month, until April 5, 2022. During this month, Scorpios will be seeking and finding a place you can call “home.” This could be not only a place, but also information and relationships.

Venus is often said to be the planet that controls love, and this is because it works to bring about feelings of appreciation and joy by freshening up relationships between us. The opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “indifference.” Venus is a planet that is responsible for bringing fresh emotions by “freshening up” relationships with people, things, and work so that we don’t fall into apathy or indifference.

And as a Scorpio, you seem to find “freshness” in things that make you feel at ease during this month. The world has still been changing throughout the past few years, but one thing we’ve come to realize throughout the chaos is how precious the ordinary, the everyday, truly is. The “freshness” that Venus pours into the world will be supporting this realization. This is the flow of finding value in “just being you,” in just existing and living your life.

For example,

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