Mercury’s Influence on a Pisces ( Mar. 6 – Mar. 27)

On March 9, 2022, Mercury, the planet that governs communication, will move into your sign, Pisces. Mercury will remain in Pisces until March 27, 2022, shaping our language and communication. And until March 20, 2022, the Sun, which forms the “foundation” of your fortune, will also be in Pisces.

So, as a Pisces, you are experiencing a solar return, which comes once a year! This is a time for you to shed your old self and grow, and for the world to push you to the spotlight. Mercury’s communicative power will be added to this period starting March 9, 2022.

The period when a planet stays in your sign is the period when the power of that planet is poured into you strongly. So if you’re a Pisces, Mercury’s stay in Pisces for about two weeks is a time when your communication skills will be greatly enhanced.

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