What crushes, love and excitement does Venus give a Leo? ( Apr. 5 – May. 2, 2022)

Venus will be in Pisces from April 5, 2022 to May 2, 2022. As a Leo, this period becomes more about sensual energies and physical pleasures. You may find that others are more attracted to you this period for seemingly no reason and that it’s easier to get what you’re looking for from others.

There is a tendency for the heart to be drawn to a kind of resonance that is deeper than words, which, in extremes, can lead to an obsession with physical relationships, or for some, even to acts of infidelity. There is also a sense that you may experience an increased drive to be loved strongly and desired by others.

Even if it does not lead directly to a sexual relationship, there may be a similar “desire” that comes to the surface. For example,

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