Mercury creates communication for you, Taurus.( Apr. 10 – Apr. 29, 2022)

On April 10, 2022, Mercury, the planet that governs communication, moves into your sign of Taurus. Mercury will stay in Taurus for the next three weeks until April 29, 2022, shaping our language and communication. During the period when the planet stays in a certain sign, the power of the planet will be poured into the people of that sign. So, for Taurus, the three weeks when Mercury is in Taurus is a time when the power of words and communication is enhanced for you.

This is true in your private relationships, such as love, as well as in your professional communications. The power of your words, communication, and your own energy will increase, and your presence will become more persuasive. This is when your words have an aura about them — they may leave you and reach far away or much deeper than expected. This implies,

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