Mercury creates communication for you, Virgo.( Apr. 10 – Apr. 29, 2022)

Mercury, the planet that governs communication, moves into Taurus on April 10, 2022, remaining here until April 29, 2022.

For these weeks, “new frontiers” are the keywords for Virgos — like a world you have not yet seen or a faraway place you have never been. Mercury will be bringing your words, thoughts, plans, and ideas to a whole “new world.”

This can be a physically distant place — for example, a foreign country. But it is not just a matter of distance; it is also simply a world you do not yet know. For example, there are many people you pass by on a daily basis but know very little about them. You work in the same department at work, but you hardly ever talk to them. You have never seen the person who lives in the apartment next door. Or you may be friends with someone for a long time, but still feel that there is something you don’t know about them. Mercury helps your communication reach these people too!

From April 19,

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