Mars brings passion and energy to you, Taurus ( Apr. 14 – May. 24, 2022)

Mars is the planet that bestows upon us the power to succeed. This is because Mars stimulates the passion that lies dormant in your heart. Timing and luck are only 1% of what it takes to achieve something. The other 99% is our own actions. And it is often passion that inspires action. It is ultimately Mars that works to push you toward what you want and where you think you should be.

That Mars moves into Pisces on April 14, 2022. Mars will spend about a month and a half in Pisces after this until May 24, 2022.

During this time, Mars will bestow passion onto your work relationships. During this period, there is an indication that you, as a Taurus, will have a passion for social matters. Imagine that what you might call a “connection” will expand from you as the starting point. This is not so much about a connection between people who are already close to each other, but rather a new network to achieve some social goal or mission. For you,

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