Mars brings passion and energy to you, Virgo ( Apr. 14 – May. 24, 2022)

On April 14, 2022, Mars moves into Pisces, spending about a month and a half here until May 24, 2022. This is a time when Virgos will be filled with passion or desire for a relationship with a particular person.

A specific partner is not limited to those with whom you have an intimate relationship. It could be your boss or subordinate at work or even a client. However, for you, strong feelings are likely to arise especially in a romantic relationship. Whether it is a lover, a spouse, or even someone you have never met before, there is a possibility of some kind of romantic story unfolding during this period of time.

During this period, there is a possibility that one person will rise to prominence in your life, whether it be in a romantic relationship, a spouse, a friendship, or a business relationship. It is often said that the opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “indifference.” “Passion” in this instance is a strong feeling that is a mixture of “like” and “dislike,” which is something that “indifference” can never be.


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