Mars brings passion and energy to you, Scorpio ( Apr. 14 – May. 24, 2022)

On April 14, 2022, Mars moves into Pisces, spending about a month and a half here until May 24, 2022. Mars is responsible for igniting feelings that lie dormant deep within us. A strong feeling that rises to the surface may dwell in your heart.

Mars during this period seems to stimulate your desire to “get moving” as a Scorpio. This means taking a step forward and taking action. This is an important drive to seize the possibilities that surround you. Potential may be buried if you don’t move, after all!

The planets and the astrological calendar as a whole are constantly bringing us various possibilities, but we need to work on our own to make them a reality. Especially in the last month and a half, various possibilities tend to come and go in terms of love. The important thing is to seize the possibilities that arise and take action to make them “real.”

Let’s discuss Mars’ stay in Pisces in relation to two very big astrological events happening this May. We have already mentioned how Mars will affect you, but it’s also important to keep the following two events in mind.

The first is that we enter “Eclipse season”

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