For Taurus, the “foundation” fortune shaped by the Sun ( Apr. 19 – May. 20, 2022).

The Taurus sign is said to have a large vessel destiny. They are not the type to be influenced by the actions of those around them, but rather they are destined to move forward relatively slowly, holding on to what they believe in and what they believe to be certain. Their steps are uniquely persuasive, and they seem to have the virtue of attracting people to their surroundings without their knowledge.

On April 19, 2022, the Sun will move into your sign of Taurus.

The Sun travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac over the course of a year and stays in one sign for exactly one month. And for you, the month so far has been a time when the Sun has returned to your sign after 12 months. The return of the Sun to where it was when you were born is called a “Solar Return.” A Solar Return is (almost) the same thing as a birthday, and Taurus will experience their Solar Return during the month beginning April 19, 2022. And the month that includes this Solar Return is “Taurus season” for Taurus signs, when the Sun’s luck falls directly onto you.

This “Taurus season” is also a time when

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