A story of communication that Mercury brings to you, Aries. ( Apr 29 – Jul 5, 2022).

Mercury will be in Gemini from April 29, 2022 to July 5, 2022. However, with a retrograde in the middle of the month, Mercury will temporarily go back to Taurus, one sign before. As a result, Mercury will spend more than three times longer than usual going back and forth between the two signs.

This can be a period of great renewal in your communication fortunes as an Aries. This is a time when your language and the way you interact will be shaken up and you will be able to make more solid connections.

Here are the five periods that Mercury will undertake, and the path that your communication will follow as an Aries.

(1) April 29, 2022 – May 10, 2022: The period of Mercury’s stay in Gemini.
New forms of communication emerge.

(2) May 10, 2022 – May 22, 2022: Period when Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini.
The communication adjustments necessary to obtain new interactions will take place.

(3) May 22, 2022 – June 3, 2022: Period when retrograde Mercury returns to Taurus.
Meet unfinished issues from the past.

(4) June 3, 2022 – June 13, 2022: Mercury completes retrograde and moves back into forward motion in Taurus.
Redo the exchanges that should have been done.

(5) June 13, 2022 – July 5, 2022: Period when Mercury stays in Gemini again.
With the completion of the retrograde, the new communication described in (1) is firmly formed.

Now, let’s go through them one by one.

(1) April 29, 2022 – May 10, 2022: New forms of communication emerge.

During this period, Aries’ communication is in a circular flow. Imagine thoughts, words, plans, and ideas reaching different places and entering people’s hearts and minds. This is a time when words become more active than usual and travel around the world. This is a bit of an exaggerated analogy, but it is like an energy of words traveling around the world with a big engine, independent of your intentions, and bringing about various connections. A word or a post you share on a social networking site, for example, can stimulate group activities with friends and acquaintances, and there is also a suggestion that work-related communication will flow smoothly.

It is also possible that

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