For Virgo. Pluto’s role, and what retrograde brings ( Apr 29 – Oct 8, 2022).

Pluto is a very slow-moving planet. It floats farther than any other planet in our solar system, and it takes 248 years for it to circle the twelve signs of the zodiac. This means that it stays in one constellation for 12 to 32 years. If we consider the average age of a person to be 80 years, Pluto will experience 4 or 5 zodiacal transits in a person’s life. Compared to the Moon, for example, which moves 12 times in a month, and the Sun, for example, which moves 12 times in a year, the speed of Pluto’s movement is much slower.

Right now Pluto is staying in Capricorn, having moved into Capricorn in 2008 and scheduled to stay there until March 2023 (to be exact, it will then move back into Capricorn by going retrograde and stay there until January 2024).

The fact that it will stay in one sign for such a long period of time means that it will have such a slow and long-term impact on our destiny. So what is Pluto’s effect on you and how is it affecting you?

Before we tell you how this retrograde will affect you, we’ll first go over how Pluto will affect you as a Virgo.

(1) The Role of Pluto

Pluto is the “planet of metamorphosis. It has the role of working in the deepest places of the world to transform everything into something on a completely different level. Uranus is often thought of as the planet of transformation, but if Uranus brings about transformation from the front, Pluto brings about metamorphosis from the back, or rather, from the bottom up. While “transformation” is revolutionary and lively, “metamorphosis” is accompanied by a sense of wonder that something has fundamentally changed. This may be similar to the feeling you have when you suddenly realize that something you used to like or were obsessed with seems unimportant. It is a feeling of suddenly realizing that you have acquired a different sense of values due to a gradual and fundamental change in your existence. I told you that Uranus brings about changes in the “surface,” but Pluto seems to bring about metamorphosis in the “values,” “thoughts,” and “feelings” that support the surface part of the planet.

The keywords to bring about such a transformation are “death and rebirth.” For example, just as a beautiful butterfly is born after molting from a pupa, or a phoenix that jumps into the fire to die and then rises again, Pluto has the role of creating something new by ending something else.

The word “death” is to be understood only as a symbol, and it can be taken as an image of “end,” “destruction,” or “loss.” Pluto also teaches us that in order to start something, we need to finish something else. However, this doesn’t seem to mean that you have to force yourself to end something. It’s more likely to be something that you’ve finished naturally without realizing it, or something that you’ve finished as you’ve been struggling with a specific problem or issue in your work, life, or love life.

(2) Metamorphosis that Pluto brings to Virgo

And the metamorphosis that Pluto will bring to Virgo types over the next 16 years starting in 2008 will be about “fun.”

First, know that “fun” is not the same thing as “ease.” Being easy is not the same as fun. What is “fun” then, is

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