May Forecast : Taurus of the Sun

This is the May forecast for those born under the sign of Taurus in Western astrology and Sun (丙) in the Chinese zodiac.

In Western astrology, you are a Taurus, and in the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese zodiac), you are Sun (丙). And in SOLARITA-type, which is a fusion of the two, you are a Taurus of the Sun.

In this section, we will use the above astrological methods to tell your fortune for May.

First, we will use Western astrology to read the movements of the planets in May to tell your fortune.

Next, Using the Four Pillars of Destiny, a typical Eastern divination method based on Chinese zodiac, we can determine the relationship between the Chinese zodiac sign of May, 乙巳 (Grass and Snake), and your Chinese zodiac sign Sun (丙). In other words, we will tell you your fate in May according to the Chinese zodiac.

The important thing is to read these two fortunes and interpret them in light of your own situation. Even if you feel that there is a contradiction between these two fortunes, the most important thing is to use your imagination to find the truth in the contradiction.

Taurus in May according to Western astrology

May is a very important month. This is because two events of great astrological significance will occur!

The first event that you, as a Taurus, should focus on is the New Moon on April 30, 2022. The New Moon is the moment when the Moon loses all light, like a vacuum in space. The New Moon is a phenomenon that occurs about once a month, but this time is special. This is because this vacuum “eats” the Sun. Yes, an Eclipse will occur! This is the signal for the world to enter “Eclipse season,” when Solar and Lunar Eclipses are repeated.

This is a month of a reversal of destiny, a time when the possibility of a great beginning for you, Taurus, will come to the surface at once. Some may experience a sudden change in their environment and move into a different routine, for example. It’s difficult to tell what exactly will happen, though, and many people will not experience any changes. An Eclipse season is a month of unpredictability.

As a Taurus sign, you will spend a month in the middle of this “Eclipse season,” from the Solar Eclipse on April 30, 2022 to the New Moon on May 30, 2022. It is important to be open to your destiny.

And there is one more important planetary movement.

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