For Taurus. Fortune and expansion flow by Jupiter (May 10, 2022 – May 16, 2023)

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. This planet has the role of expanding what it touches all at once.

Often called the “lucky planet,” Jupiter leads people to happiness through positive expansion of things, money, emotions, concepts, and relationships. The form of our good fortune and expansion changes according to the sign of the zodiac where Jupiter stays, as does the atmosphere that envelops the world, the economy, and the feelings of others.

Jupiter’s stay in Aries will last approximately one year, from May 10, 2022 to May 16, 2023. Normally, Jupiter would spend a whole year in one sign, but this time Jupiter’s movements are a bit more complicated. Jupiter will be in retrograde in the middle of the year, temporarily returning to its previous sign of Pisces.

During this retrograde period, you may find yourself once again facing unfinished business surrounding your own happiness. However, this is not a negative thing. Rather, you can take this time as a valuable lesson, one that will allow you to identify the causes that have prevented your good fortune and expansion in the past, and to “live your good fortune” anew. Once you return to the past, you will shake off the stagnation that has stuck to your destiny, and you will once again live the “right destiny” or “the destiny that was meant to be,” so to speak.

This time, the story of good fortune and expansion for you, Taurus, will be divided into the following five periods:

(1) May 10, 2022 – July 28, 2022: The period when Jupiter stays in Aries. “A sense of renewal in the everyday.”

(2) July 28, 2022 – October 28, 2022: The period when Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries. “Endings and beginnings are mixed.”

(3) October 28, 2022 – November 23, 2022: Jupiter retrogrades and goes back to Pisces. “Looking for a new place to reach.”

(4) November 23, 2022 – December 20, 2022: Jupiter finishes retrograde and moves forward in Pisces. “Reaffirming the kind of ‘connection’ that is necessary from now on.”

(5) December 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023: Jupiter stays in Aries again. “Countless possibilities will be created.”

Below is a step-by-step explanation of each.

(1) May 10, 2022 – July 28, 2022: “A sense of renewal in the everyday.”

Jupiter is the planet of expansion; Jupiter, which will be staying in Aries beginning May 10, 2022, will bring an expanding flow of “rebirth” for you Taurus.

In a rather abstract way, Jupiter will slowly dissolve your old routine and create a new one. This is where you will be reborn anew, and the two-and-a-half-month period beginning May 10, 2022 is filled with such a mysterious energy. As values around the world are rapidly changing, everyone is being asked to change. It can be said that everyone is making efforts now, consciously or unconsciously, to cope with the coming era. And you, as a Taurus, are also being strongly called upon to undergo this “rebirth.”

It is very difficult to tell clearly how Jupiter will affect Taurus types this time. We wish we could tell you that your luck in work will improve, your love life will improve, etc., but in your case, it seems that no such expansion in individual luck will come. Rather, Jupiter will expand the world that lies deep within you. It will work to significantly change the framework that has been built up so far.

The routine that surrounds you will melt away, and a different flow will be created. This may cause you to feel uncomfortable with people you used to get along with, to have doubts about your current job, or to lose love with your partner. However, these are signs that you are moving toward a new “connection” with the world overall. The boundaries that have surrounded you and your surroundings are dissolving, and new connections are being created.

In conclusion, this is a very rich period. Jupiter’s stay in Aries is expanding your unconscious. You will be able to sense the world more beautifully and connect more deeply with people. You will be able to read people’s emotions and your intuition will become strangely acute. You will also be more sensitive to how the times are moving, and some Taurus will even have more empathy for animals and a greater awareness of environmental issues. The connection between you and the whole forest around you will deepen, and bonds will be formed with things that you previously thought were irrelevant. You may feel the world’s joys as if they were your own, and you may feel the world’s pain as if it were your own. You will become a “bigger you,” so to speak, and you will feel the world more deeply.

These two and a half months are going to bring you this kind of unconscious expansion and rebirth, or a premonition of it. This energy should continue to resonate in your daily life until May 16, 2023.

(2) July 28, 2022 – October 28, 2022: “Endings and beginnings are mixed.”

The flow born during the period of (1) will intensify. Some people may find they have a lot of things they don’t quite need anymore. In order to be “reborn,” one needs to be light. It is important to know what to bring with you in your limited baggage to embark on a new journey. So, it’s likely that you will be sorting out your current relationships and positions surrounding you.

During the first three months of Jupiter retrograde, which begins on July 28, 2022, you will begin to chip away at the relationships you have acquired. This is more of a “let it happen” feeling than a decision you make yourself. For example, you may have to part ways with a relationship that has previously been important, or you may have to live alone due to a family member relocating. Or a change in your workplace may cause you to leave a boss or coworker that you were close to. You may be invited to quit your current job or change careers. These changes can be painful because breakups require a great deal of energy. Some people may be bewildered by the absurd experience of breaking up with someone they do not want to break up with.

If you experience the mysterious disappearance of important relationships from your surroundings, you need to make an effort to see the inevitable in it. There is often a fatalistic significance to “somehow it just happens.” And if such an experience comes, it will be important to imagine yourself sharpened and sharpened, leaving behind the burdens of the past, always aware of “what you want to do,” “where you want to go,” and “who you want to be.” It is not about the sadness of loss, but about finding the joy of becoming lighter.

(3) October 28, 2022 – November 23, 2022: “Looking for a new place to reach.”

About a month beginning October 28, 2022 is a period when Jupiter goes back to Pisces, one sign too far retrograde.

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