For Cancer. Fortune and expansion flow by Jupiter (May 10, 2022 – May 16, 2023)

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It has the unique role of expanding what it touches all at once.

As such, Jupiter is often called the “lucky planet” because it leads us to happiness through the positive expansion of things, money, emotions, concepts, and relationships. Fun fact: the overall form of our good fortune and expansion changes according to the sign of the zodiac where Jupiter stays, and as does the atmosphere that envelops the world, the economy, and the feelings of people.

Jupiter’s stay in Aries will last approximately one year, from May 10, 2022 to May 16, 2023. Normally, Jupiter would spend a whole year in one sign, but this time Jupiter’s movements are a bit more complicated. Jupiter will be in retrograde in the middle of the year, creating a period of time when it will temporarily return to its previous sign of Pisces.

During this retrograde period, you may find yourself once again facing unfinished “challenges to your happiness.” However, this is not something to be fearful of. Rather, you will have a valuable story to tell, one that will allow you to identify the causes that have prevented your good fortune and expansion in the past, and to “live your good fortune” anew. Once you return to the past in your own way, you will shake off the stagnation that has stuck to your destiny, and you will once again live the “right destiny” or “the destiny that was meant to be,” so to speak.

This time, the story of good fortune and expansion for Cancer will be divided into the following five periods:

(1) May 10, 2022 – July 28, 2022: The period when Jupiter stays in Aries. “The coming of the harvest.”

(2) July 28, 2022 – October 28, 2022: The period when Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries. “Assess your past path.”

(3) October 28, 2022 – November 23, 2022: Jupiter retrogrades and goes back to Pisces. “Find out where you need to get to.”

(4) November 23, 2022 – December 20, 2022: Jupiter finishes retrograde and moves forward in Pisces. “A new path emerges.”

(5) December 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023: Jupiter stays in Aries again. “The efforts made so far bear fruit, one step up the stairs.”

Below is a step-by-step explanation of each.

(1) May 10, 2022 – July 28, 2022: The coming of the harvest.

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. At the same time, it is also the planet of expansion. The two do not completely overlap. For example, when expanding a business, it is necessary to leave behind the methods and connections that have been in place up to that point. The same can be said for love. As you grow in love, it will become more important to keep your own life and emotions in check. And for you, Cancer, this is a year of expansion. In order to expand, you are likely to experience some growing pains, which is the fortune that Jupiter bestows.

With Jupiter staying in Aries from May 10, 2022 you, as a Cancer, are in a fortunate position to hold social accomplishment. A great tailwind is expected, especially in work relationships.

As aforementioned, Jupiter rules expansion. This could, for example, expand the work you are currently doing and the profits from it. It may also expand the people you connect with and the honors you gain from them. In this way, there are many aspects to work, but it seems that this is a period when Jupiter will help you to expand in the direction you desire.

This is a year of strong luck in work for you. You will be surrounded by all kinds of opportunities, people from all walks of life will be attracted to you, and all kinds of coincidences will expand your business. You yourself are likely to receive a major accolade, a raise, or a promotion. More than that, your current organization or company may become frustrating, and some of you will consider changing jobs or starting your own business.

So what about those who are not currently in any particular profession?

In this case, Jupiter leads you to “social accomplishment.” This should be understood as something you accomplish in a social relationship, not necessarily at work, but in a social relationship, for example, at school or in the local community, where you will be noticed in a different way. You are integrated into society, and your existence shines brightly. As you shine, you will attract more people, goods, and information around you. You will enter a radiant and proud flow, as if you are climbing a social staircase. For example, some of you will succeed in getting into difficult schools, for example, and some of you will become leaders in your hobbies and local communities.

However, the period beginning May 10, 2022 will only be a premonition of what is to come. This is because Jupiter will begin retrograde before your expansion is in full swing. You will experience a bit of this “harvest” in the two and a half months beginning May 10, 2022, which will come in earnest at the end of 2022.

(2) July 28, 2022 – October 28, 2022: Assess your past path.

Before the current born in (1) gets stronger, you may find yourself faced with a lot of things you don’t need. You must be properly prepared to embark on a new journey, and there is only so much luggage you can take with you, so it is important to decide what to leave behind. It could be a useless routine that has accumulated over a long period of time, a task that you continue to do even though you know it has no meaning, or it could be the very work you are doing now that you realize is now fruitless.

During the first three months of Jupiter’s retrograde, which begins on July 28, 2022, you will experience the chipping away of any position, honor, or relationship that you have acquired in order to grow. You may have to let go of a job that has become your identity, or a skill, or ability. You may have to say goodbye to a close relationship or a place where you have spent many years of your life. And this tends to be painful, of course. It takes a lot of energy to say goodbye to things that have become a part of our bodies through our daily lives. It is just necessary. Sometimes, in order to achieve a new accomplishment, we have to leave behind things that are no longer needed in order to move forward.

When a planet goes retrograde, the destiny it governs enters a period of adjustment. This is an energy of shaking off the stagnation that has accumulated due to normal operations by retrograde motion. The planets go retrograde in order to stretch the muscles and joints in the direction they are not normally used, and to bring them back to a state where their original destiny rings out in a higher pitch. In order to turn our destiny in the right direction, it will be necessary to discard what we have acquired so far.

For the three months beginning July 28, 2022, it is important to visualize yourself becoming sharper and sharper about what you want to pursue, where you want to go, and what tasks you want to accomplish. It is not about the sadness of loss, but finding the joy of being able to narrow down what you need to do.

(3) October 28, 2022 – November 23, 2022: Find the place you need to get to.

About a month from October 28 is a period when Jupiter returns to one previous zodiac sign, Pisces, due to continued retrograde motion.

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