For Libra. Fortune and expansion flow by Jupiter (May 10, 2022 – May 16, 2023)

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, possessing the role of expanding anything it touches all at once.

As such, Jupiter is often called the lucky planet because it leads people to happiness through the positive expansion of things, money, emotions, concepts, and relationships. The form of our good fortune and expansion changes according to the sign of the zodiac where Jupiter stays, as does the atmosphere that envelops the world, the economy, and the feelings of people.

Jupiter’s stay in Aries will last approximately one year, from May 10, 2022 to May 16, 2023. Normally, Jupiter would spend a whole year in one sign, but this time Jupiter’s movements are a bit more complicated. Jupiter will be in retrograde in the middle of the year, creating a period of time when it will temporarily return to its previous sign of Pisces.

During this retrograde period, you may find yourself once again facing unfinished “challenges to your happiness.” However, this is not a negative thing. Rather, you will have a valuable story to tell, one that will allow you to identify the causes that have prevented your good fortune and expansion in the past, and to “live your good fortune” anew. Once you return to the past, you will shake off the stagnation that has stuck to your destiny, and you will once again live the “right destiny” or “the destiny that was meant to be.”

This time, the story of good fortune and expansion for Libras will be divided into the following five periods:

(1) May 10, 2022 – July 28, 2022: The period when Jupiter stays in Aries. “Overflowing with signs of encounters.”

(2) July 28, 2022 – October 28, 2022: The period when Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries. “Explore the possibility of meeting someone through a retrograde.”

(3) October 28, 2022 – November 23, 2022: Jupiter retrogrades and goes back to Pisces. “Meeting unfinished business.”

(4) November 23, 2022 – December 20, 2022: Jupiter finishes retrograde and moves forward in Pisces. “Getting the routine to its proper state.”

(5) December 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023: Jupiter stays in Aries again. “Joy shapes the new normal.”

Below is a step-by-step explanation of each.

(1) May 10, 2022 – July 28, 2022: Overflowing with signs of encounters.

As we explained, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and has the role of spreading things out all at once. Thus, it’s often called the planet of happiness because Jupiter leads us to happiness by expanding things, money, and emotions. In some magazines, you’ll see headlines like, “The Luckiest Sign of the Year,” and it can be said that Jupiter is the most important factor in predicting the degree of good fortune for the year.

And for Libra, “encounters with important people” will expand during the next year. There is even a suggestion that you will meet an important person in your life, a “soulmate,” so to speak, during the coming year. This could be an encounter with a lover or spouse, but also with a business partner or life mentor. Or it could be an encounter with someone you have a love-hate relationship with. Either way, this is a time when you may meet someone who will play an important role in your life for the next decade or so.

In the end, it is encounters that make life happen. No matter how much talent you have, it will be buried if you don’t meet someone who finds it. No matter how much love you have, if you don’t have someone to pour it into, you will never find love in return. If you stay cooped up because you are afraid of getting hurt, your destiny will not progress. What’s more, encounters are not always happy ones. While there are encounters with like-minded people, there are also many encounters with people you don’t like. And when you look back on your life, you will realize that your encounters with people you don’t like have played just as important a role in shaping who you are today as your encounters with people you do. Harsh criticism can build you up into a strong person, and frustration can inspire you to work harder. Or you may find a new path by running away from someone you don’t like. Encounters are mysterious and one of the most important factors in shaping your destiny.

In the coming year, with Jupiter in Aries, you will have important encounters ahead of you. However, the two and a half months beginning May 10, 2022 may only be a preview of what is to come. This is because Jupiter will begin retrograde before this meeting-generating energy gains momentum. Your “encounter with a significant person” may come in earnest after the end of the year 2022. Until then, you will go through several stages of your journey.

(2) July 28, 2022 – October 28, 2022: “Explore the possibility of meeting someone through a retrograde.”

Before the energy born in (1) becomes stronger, you may find that you have a lot of things you don’t need hanging around with you. You must be properly prepared to embark on a journey to meet new people, and it’s important to know what to bring with you in your limited luggage. In other words, the relationships that surround you now are about to be reorganized.

Three months after Jupiter retrograde begins on July 28, 2022, you will be in the process of shedding the relationships you have acquired in order to seek new encounters. This is more of a “becoming” than a decision on your part. For example, you may have to part ways with a relationship that was once important to you, or you may have to live alone due to a family member relocating. Or you may be separated from a boss or colleague who has been a great help to you due to a change in your workplace or a change in a project. These goodbyes can be painful. It takes a lot of energy to say goodbye to people who have become a part of you. Some people may be confused by the absurd experience of breaking up with someone they do not want to break up with.

If you experience the mysterious fade away of loved ones from your surroundings, you need to make an effort to see the inevitable in it. There is often a fatalistic significance to “why things happen the way they do.” And if such an experience comes, it will be important to imagine yourself becoming sharper and sharper, always aware of what you want to do, where you want to go, and what kind of person you want to be. It is not about the sadness of loss, but about finding the joy of becoming lighter.

(3) October 28, 2022 – November 23, 2022: “Meeting unfinished business.”

About a month beginning October 28, 2022 is a period when Jupiter returns to the previous zodiac sign, Pisces, due to continued retrograde motion.

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