For Scorpio. Passion, desire, and courage poured out by Mars ( May. 24 – Jul. 5, 2022).

On May 24, 2022, Mars, which pours passion into us, will move into Aries. Mars will continue to spend about a month and a half in Aries until July 5, 2022.

Mars during this period seems to give you a passion for “new days.” What does that entail? Well, this is an energy of making changes and rearranging your daily routine. This could be the work you normally do or your daily routine. Overall, this is a month and a half to check in with your daily routine, make changes, and see it in a new light by spending time carefully.

For example, a new family, a new community, or a new organization. You will see a natural flow entering your life that allows you to acquire this kind of “new daily base.” If you spend your days seeking warm connections, the daily routine that surrounds you will seem to naturally fall into place, and your passions will work in that direction as well.

Mars is the planet that stimulates your desires. It’s Mars that works to

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