For Sagittarius. Passion, desire, and courage poured out by Mars ( May. 24 – Jul. 5, 2022).

Mars, the planet of passion, will move into the fiery sign of Aries on May 24, 2022. Mars will spend around 40 days in Aries until July 5, 2022. Mars is responsible for igniting feelings that lie dormant deep within you. It may cause these feelings to “well up” inside of you overwhelmingly.

Mars, during this period, seems to stimulate your desire to “get moving” as a Sagittarius. This means stepping forward and taking action. This is an important energy to help you seize the “possibilities” that surround you. Potential will be buried if you don’t move. The planets and the astrological transits are constantly bringing us various possibilities, but we need to work on our own to make those possibilities a reality. While various possibilities come and go in terms of work, love, etc., the important thing is to take action to make these possibilities “real.”

However, it is not enough to act blindly. What we are talking about here is

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