For Aquarius. Passion, desire, and courage poured out by Mars ( May. 24 – Jul. 5, 2022).

On May 24, 2022, Mars, the planet that pours passion into us, will move into another very passionate energy: the zodiac sign of Aries! Mars will continue to spend about a month and a half in Aries until July 5, 2022. As an Aquarius, your desire to interact with society should be stimulated during this month and a half.

It’s likely that during this time, you’ll be actively exchanging words with people. This may be done not only through direct speech, but also through social networking sites, emails, and other forms of communication, but you’ll have a strong desire to deliver your words to others.

This desire is derived from an increased desire to understand the whole forest, so to speak. The desire to understand the feelings of that person, to know the direction in which society is moving, to understand the price movements of stocks, to know what lies ahead for oneself, and so on, becomes stronger, and the desire to communicate with others in search of answers to these questions becomes stronger.

It is words, after all,

(322 words remain after this)