For Taurus. Love, crushes, and excitement brought by Venus (May 28 – Jun 22, 2022)

On May 28, 2022, Venus moves into Taurus. It will stay in this earthy and sensual sign until June 22, 2022.

The sign that the Sun was in when a person was born is how we get their zodiac sign. And during the period when a planet stays in that zodiac sign, people of that zodiac sign are said to be strongly influenced by that planet. In other words, the period of about three weeks when Venus stays in Taurus is the period when Venus’ power is stronger than usual and falls on you straight away.

For Taurus, the next three weeks are a time when “light happiness” is strengthened by the power of Venus. “Light happiness” is happiness that is found through curiosity about the little things in life. By discovering the goodness of familiar people, things, and information anew, we can feel freshness at any age.

For example,

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