June Forecast : Raining Capricorn

This is the June forecast for those born under the sign of Capricorn in Western astrology and Water (癸) in the Chinese zodiac.

In Western astrology, you are a Capricorn, and in the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese zodiac), you are Water (癸). And in SOLARITA-type, which is a fusion of the two, you are a Raining Capricorn.

In this section, we will use the above astrological methods to tell your fortune for June.

First, we will use Western astrology to read the movements of the planets in June to tell your fortune.

Next, Using the Four Pillars of Destiny, a typical Eastern divination method based on Chinese zodiac, we can determine the relationship between the Chinese zodiac sign of June, 丙午 (Sun and Horse), and your Chinese zodiac sign Water (癸). In other words, we will tell you your fate in June according to the Chinese zodiac.

The important thing is to read these two fortunes and interpret them in light of your own situation. Even if you feel that there is a contradiction between these two fortunes, the most important thing is to use your imagination to find the truth in the contradiction.

Capricorn in June according to Western astrology

Mercury, the communication planet, will end its retrograde motion on June 3, 2022. Mercury has been retrograde since late May, during which time you may have had misunderstandings or miscommunications.

This will have a positive impact on your love life in particular, and June can be read as a wonderful season for romance. Your words will reach deep into others’ hearts, and this is overall the time when you will be able to attract the hearts of those who even have not been interested in you previously. So, during this period, it’s important that you reach out to others. This does not necessarily mean confessing your feelings to them. Your ideas and communications will resonate with them and generate more communication and so on — creating the impression of you being very much surrounded by new ideas and conversations overall as it grows.

And on June 21, 2022, the Sun will move into Cancer. This signals the arrival of an important “encounter” for you. The Sun is the planet that forms the “foundation” of your daily fortunes, and from this point on, for about a month, it will create the possibility of encounters for you as a Capricorn. This is not limited to romantic encounters, but can also be

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