For Leo: Fortune in the Second half of 2022 (Jul 1 – Dec 31, 2022)

As soon as entering the second half of 2022, it seems that the world around you will begin to come alive, and on July 22, the Sun will move into your sign of Leo, which will boost your presence to a whole new level. The return of the sun after a year’s journey back to where it was when the person was born is called a solar return, and you will experience this solar return between July 22 and August 22. This is the time when you will be the center of the world and people, information, jobs, and money will be drawn to you. Many Leos will be in full power mode during this scorching season when the sun shines strongly, stimulated by strong luck, whether in work or love.

Even more important is the presence of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion: on May 10, 2022, Jupiter has just made its great transit into Aries, and the second half of 2022 is a time of great change in the shape of people’s fortune since its beginning. What this means is that you, Leo, are entering a period in which you will begin to take steps toward a world that is a grade higher than you have ever been. For example,

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