For Aquarius: Fortune in the Second half of 2022 (Jul 1 – Dec 31, 2022)

In the second half of 2022, you, Aquarius, will cross a major milestone. The most important thing to note is the presence of Saturn, which has been in your sign of Aquarius since the end of 2020. Saturn, also known as the planet of trial and tribulation, has been retrograde since June 4, 2022 and will end its retrograde on October 22. At this time, the trials that you have been struggling with for the past few years will find a way out. As an Aquarius, you have been strongly influenced by Saturn for the past year or two. There are indications that you are going through what could be called a “challenge for growth,” and that you are suffering from a kind of “friction” that occurs when you try to make some fundamental changes in your way of life.

Many people have long-lasting problems at work or in their relationships with friends and family, and the end of Saturn retrograde is likely to bring an end to these trials, or to events that will bring an end to the trials. Saturn is a planet that brings trials, but it is by no means synonymous with bringing misfortune. Saturn has a role to play in bringing you a load that will lead you to great growth. The periods you have suffered so far have been periods in which Saturn has encouraged you to take on a new you. Saturn is working to train you and lead you to a higher existence. Saturn is now in Aquarius,

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