For Libra: The “foundation” fortune shaped by the Sun (Jun 21 – Jul 22, 2022)

On June 21, the Sun will move into Cancer. The Sun will spend a month in Cancer until July 22. There is an implication that you, as a Libra, will receive a major accomplishment or honor during this month. It will also be a time of social spotlight due to the luck you receive from the Sun.

This luck seems to be particularly evident in work-related matters. Therefore, we may call it work fortune, or we may call it success fortune. This is not a miracle or an unexpected harvest, but rather a good outcome from your hard work and efforts you have been putting in.

A more accurate way to describe it would be to say that the luck brought by the sun will “put you in a position to be noticed socially in a positive way. It is a time when

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