For Pisces: The “foundation” fortune shaped by the Sun (Jun 21 – Jul 22, 2022)

The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21 and stays there until July 22. As a Pisces, you will enter a flow of great “joy” during this period.

By the way, what does this “joy” look like? It is important to note that this is not the same as “ease”. “ease” is something that is given to you by those around you and spoiled. “Joy” is something that comes from working on your own. In other words, “joy” comes from the act of “giving”. During this month, your fortune as a Pisces will be varied by several planets. However, flowing through the base of your fortune is the theme of “joy” brought to you by the Sun. By “giving” your pure thoughts and passion into the world, you will be able to enjoy various forms of “joy” from people and the world.

We cannot find the most enjoyment by completing things on our own. We find joy in

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