For Aries: Crush and excitement brought by Venus (Jun 22 – Jul 17, 2022)

From June 22 to July 17, Venus, the planet that governs “affection” and “crushes,” will be in Gemini. During this period, there are suggestions that you, as an Aries, will have unexpected “crushes” in your daily words and communications.

Venus is often said to govern love, because Venus has the power to bring the world back to life in a fresh way.

The feeling of “affection” we have for someone can be described as a feeling of freshness. Conversely, when we stop “liking” something, it is more often because we lose interest in it rather than because we “dislike” it. Venus evokes the feeling of “liking” by working to “freshly revive” relationships with people, things, and work. It encourages us to make various encounters and it can be said that Venus encourages us to build long-term relationships.

During this period of about a month, Aries is in a period of time when

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