For Cancer: Crush and excitement brought by Venus (Jun 22 – Jul 17, 2022)

From June 22 to July 17, Venus will stay in Gemini. During this approximately one-month period, Venus will lead you, as a Cancerian, to a mysterious encounter.

A mysterious encounter may be one that makes you feel deep emotions, or it may be a radiant and lighthearted encounter. Or it may be a serious, confrontational encounter, or all of the above. It could be an encounter in which you find a new attraction to people or things with which you have had little contact. There is also a suggestion of some kind of unpredictable fate that will intertwine.

However, we would like to make an important premise: this is alos the “Cancer season,” when the Sun stays in your sign of Cancer. The Sun is responsible for shaping the “foundation” of your daily fortune, and this is the season of Cancer, when the spotlight is on you, and your efforts and accomplishments will flourish. If you have been slowly pursuing something, even over the course of years, there are hints that this is the time for it to come into full bloom. This is a period of strong “foundation” fortune brought to you by the Sun. On top of that, Venus will lead your encounters in a slightly mysterious direction. Please read the following text with this image in mind.

Venus is often said to govern

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