For Pisces: Crush and excitement brought by Venus (Jun 22 – Jul 17, 2022)

From June 22 – July 17, 2022, Venus, the planet that generates “crushes” and feelings of “excitement,” will be in Geimini. During this time of approximately a month, a Ppisces will seek and find a place that you can call your “emotional healing.” It could be not only a place, but also concerning information and relationships.

Venus is often said to govern “love” because Venus has the power to bring the world “back to life.” In order for people to “like” something, it is important that it feels fresh to them. When we stop “liking” something, it is more often because we “lose interest” in it rather than because we “dislike” it. In order to evoke this feeling of “liking.” Venus works to “freshly revive” our relationships with people, things, and work. It is Venus that encourages us to make various encounters with people and encourages us to build long-term relationships.

And as a pisces, you will find freshness in a kind of “stronghold” where you can relax and feel at home during this month.

While social conditions are still difficult, many of you have realized

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