July Forecast : Fire Scorpion

This is the July forecast for those born under the sign of Scorpio in Western astrology and Fire (丁) in the Chinese zodiac.

In Western astrology, you are a Scorpio, and in the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese zodiac), you are Fire (丁). And in SOLARITA-type, which is a fusion of the two, you are a Fire Scorpion.

In this section, we will use these Western and Eastern methods to tell your fortune for July.

First, we will use Western astrology to read the movements of the planets in July to tell your fortune.

Next, Using the Four Pillars of Destiny, a typical Eastern divination method based on Chinese zodiac, we can determine the relationship between the Chinese zodiac sign of July, 丁未 (Fire and Sheep), and your Chinese zodiac sign Fire (丁). In other words, we will tell you your fate in July according to the Chinese zodiac.

The important thing is to read these two fortunes and interpret them in light of your own situation. Even if you feel that there is a contradiction between these two fortunes, the most important thing is to use your imagination to find the truth in the contradiction.

Scorpio in July according to Western astrology

A door to the unknown seems to be opening for you. However, there is no need to be so defensive. You don’t need to be so preoccupied, because the unknown is closer than you think. For example, a job, hobby, or sport that you have never experienced before. All of these things are unknown to you. So, you can see it as an opportunity to be exposed to these things. How do you feel when you try something new for the first time? You may feel nervous, anxious, or other negative emotions. However, the planets are sending us a message to enjoy this opportunity. You will experience many things as you venture into the unknown. Of course, there will be times when things don’t turn out the way you envisioned and you fail. But even this will be a source of inspiration for your life. You will have many adventures as a challenger this summer, and you will earn an irreplaceable medal. On July 5, Mars moves into the world of relationships for you, Scorpio. Inspired by the planet of passion, this month you will be

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